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This sitcom depicts the daily life of the Huxtables, a wealthy African-American family living in Brooklyn, New York. The father, Heathcliff, a gynecologist, and his wife Claire, a lawyer, live with their children in a somewhat hectic but happy home.



Three best friends band together to stop playing by the rules and take control of their lives. They run a grocery store to save their struggling families, but being a novice might not be that easy.

Philip Drummond is a wealthy New York businessman. When his housekeeper dies, according to his last will, he takes in his two sons, Arnold and Willy.

While they have just separated and their characters could not be more opposed, two parents decide, despite everything, to overcome their differences in order to raise their children together.

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Highly skilled South African spy takes on her most dangerous mission
to date while juggling big changes in her personal life.

Based on the eponymous blockbuster film, this series follows a group of students
of color at the University of Winchester. Students face a landscape of cultural prejudice, social injustice, misguided activism, and slippery politics.

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